April 04, 2021
Version: v2.05
Jiulong Zhao
Are you monitored by a hacker or malicious websites?
Here comes a macOS Core Audio level mute control app!

Attention: iMute is NOT a simple mute switch as some users described! It goes far beyond by guarding your microphone and preventing any app or website from turning it on. It will protect you from monitored by a hacker or malicious websites.

When you are talking to someone about something important and don't want to be listened to, shut down your Mac or keep iMute running.

Your MacBook's built-in microphone is clear and sensitive, but by default, it is always on(under OS X 10.7 Lion, this bug was fixed, but you still can not mute your mic without deep into system preferences). If you wish to mute your microphone for security or other reasons, you need iMute!

iMute is displayed on top of all other apps, and it mutes your mic, guaranteed. It is perfect for use with FACETIME, SKYPE and other communication software to ensure a muted Mic.

To witness iMute's ability, you may open up the sound panel under system preferences and notice that even if the input volume is at the minimal value, you can still see that the microphone is still capturing your voice and the input indicators are flashing. You may notice that even while you are listening to music or watching movies, your microphone is still on.
But with iMute is running, the microphone is guaranteed to be muted!

In addition, iMute will double check the mute status every 2 minutes to secure you from hackers trying to access your mic.
* iMute is to mute your mic, to mute speaker please use beQUIET.

features: v1.51
- Easy to use, No complex sliders or buttons. Simply start the app to mute and exit to un-mute
- Always-on-top display
- the desktop icon can be dragged anywhere
- auto check mute status every 2 minutes
- Perfect for use with Skype and other communication software to ensure a muted mic

v1.51 -> v1.53
- change "auto check mute status" to every 3 minutes;
- change the size of app icon;

v1.53 -> v1.60
- new app icon
- dock menu added
- menu item menu added
- option to select hide the main interface
- support submenu added
- feature request menu added
- more by dragonBTV menu added

v1.60 -> v1.65
a very important upgrade!
- hide dock icon option added according to user's feature request
- preferences submenu​ added
- more detailed technical support email templet
- more detailed feature request email templet
- updated "more by dragonBTV" panel

v1.65 -> v1.72
major upgrade version, features added according to user's feature request:
- add an option to switch to manual mode and enable manual control buttons
- add a manual mute/un-mute click status menu item
- add red color status menu icon indicating "UNMUTE" status
- add slider control of auto check interval, auto mute checking can be set repeat from every 30 seconds to 300 seconds
- updated "more by dragonBTV" panel

v1.72 -> v2.00
- fully re-coded Sandbox ARC version for macOS Sierra 10.12
- updated to macOS Sierra 10.12 and still compatible with OS10.8 and above
- interface fully re-designed
- menu items for manual mode are auto-hidden when unnecessary
- option added to save the main interface's position
- all deprecated function is replaced
- app menu and dock menu rearranged
- change the color of all popup alerts into white
- More apps by dragonBTV are simplified by displaying in App Store directly

v2.00 -> v2.02
- option added: clicking interface would toggle switching mute and un-mute under manual mode.
- menu rearranged
- performance improvements for macOS 10.13 High Sierra

v2.02 -> v2.05
see what's new for detail