Vermeer's Lens: AR Drawing
Vermeer's Lens: AR Drawing
Graphics & Design
April 07, 2021
Version: 1.2.3
zhiyang law
Vermeer's Lens: AR DrawingVermeer's Lens: AR DrawingVermeer's Lens: AR DrawingVermeer's Lens: AR DrawingVermeer's Lens: AR DrawingVermeer's Lens: AR DrawingVermeer's Lens: AR Drawing
Vermeer's Lens: AR Drawing
Vermeer’s Lens is an "augmented reality projector" for drawing.

It allows you to make real pencil sketches on paper.

It enables even beginners to make stunning drawings.

Vermeer's Lens is a great tool for portrait drawing.

Through it’s precise algorithms, what is traditionally difficult, such as portraits, can now be done without the need of construction lines.

*** See "Developer's website" below for a video demo

*** Pay a one time price to download this app and you will have access to all features, without ever making another payment. No hidden costs, no extra charges.

*** A Youtube channel (see "Developer's website") is set up to provide you with examples of Vermeer's Lens in action. Content will be regularly uploaded so long as there are people interested in this app.

*** This app works on most phones without using Apple's ARKit which can only run on newer high performance chips. It is simple, reliable and stable.
How it works :

> a photo is chosen from your photo library and “projected” over the paper to draw on.

> This projection is achieved by imaging the paper on the phone screen, and overlaying the translucent photo onto it.

> With the phone held in a phone-holder, you can use its screen as a lens, through which you trace out the photo onto the paper.

> Phone can be tilted and rotated to the angle most comfortable to you, while "Vermeer’s Lens" transforms the photo to match the perspective of the paper.

> Not just the outlines, even the different subtle tones and contours of a face could be captured, to get that 3-D effect.

> Opacity of the overlaying photo could be adjusted to allow close comparison between your drawing and the photo.

> The overlaying photo responds to on-screen gesture: you could move, scale and rotate the photo during sketching.

> A zoom option allows you to zoom in on your drawing for delicate pencil work.

in addition :

> A Vermeer’s Lens channel is also created on youtube to provide our users with additional "instructions & tutorials"on the use of this app to create art (videos updated regularly).

This is linked directly to the app via the “Demo” button.

> You can email us for support/feedback directly via the “Contact Us” button on the main menu of the app. Or leave a message (go to the “about” tab) on our youtube channel (see “Developer’s website” below).

For more info and demo:

> See “Developer’s website” below
Vermeer's Lens: AR Drawing