PXL - mosaic art
PXL - mosaic art
Photo & Video
January 30, 2022
Version: 5.0.0
Norikazu Muramoto
PXL - mosaic artPXL - mosaic artPXL - mosaic artPXL - mosaic art
PXL - mosaic art
Your photos will be born again as a wonderful art.
This photo collage is what makes you feel more happy and pleased.
Let's share the photo collage art to all over the world.

- One and only photo collage art in the world
- Fast sharing

PXL (Pixel) creates a new mosaic art using your memories that were taken by smart phone.
Let's color the world with your memories.

PXL is designed to create printable mosaic art. You can print:

- Wedding welcome board
- Anniversary posters
- Gift for your precious one

All the collage photo is able to save as 1620px high-definition image.
PXL - mosaic art