Photo & Video
December 17, 2020
Version: 1.0.7
woosun choi
VAMERA - composition camera for beginners

VAMERA is a simple composition camera developed for who are not familiar with photography. You can get help with shooting using either the "box" or "horizontal" composition. Get used to composition in a simple way. You will shoot like a pro photographer soon.

- Very easy to use
It doesn't require complicated operation, so it's very easy to use.
Simply drag the screen and change the vanishing point to draw, composition guide lines will automatically shown.
You can reset the composition at any time by double tapping with two fingers.
Zoom in or out makes sub lines to take advantage of distance and spatial sensations in your photos.

- Clear experience.
Shoot indoors or in the city using a box composition. You will discover a different view than before.
Using a horizontal composition helps you to take pictures that are almost exactly horizontal.

- Improving photo skills.
As you get used to using the composition, you'll realize that your photos are different from the past.

- To create a mood with a simple filter.
Create a mood with built-in filters. Use it to see which mood is better in which composition.

** Good for these people.
Someone who wants to study photography or take pictures with similar composition.
Person who wants to take scenery photograph nicely.