Motick - Flip Clock
Motick - Flip Clock
December 26, 2022
Version: 0.13.2
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Motick - Flip ClockMotick - Flip ClockMotick - Flip ClockMotick - Flip ClockMotick - Flip Clock
Motick - Flip Clock
### Introduce

A customizable and simple flip clock,it is also a life assistant.

### Features

- Support iOS, iPadOS, macOS platforms
- Support multiple Widgets
- Support floating clock
- Customized flip clock is supported
- Portrait and landscape modes are supported
- Slide Over and Split View are supported
- Slide left and right to switch themes
- Slide up and down to adjust brightness
- Support time signal
- Support auto lock
- Tap the screen for Settings
- ...

### Contacts

If you have any suggestions, please contact us.

- Sina Weibo(
- Twitter(
- E-mail(

### Notes

- After the application starts, the system’s automatic lock will be disabled.
- At present, the system does not support clock display when the screen is locked.

### Last

Time is passing but your devices will keep on going.
Motick - Flip Clock