MyTracks: GPS Recorder
MyTracks: GPS Recorder
February 09, 2024
Version: 5.0
MyTracks: GPS RecorderMyTracks: GPS RecorderMyTracks: GPS RecorderMyTracks: GPS RecorderMyTracks: GPS Recorder
MyTracks: GPS Recorder
MyTracks is an app that helps you keep track of your location using GPS data. It's perfect for various activities like hiking, running, walking, biking, and more. This app uses advanced technology to provide precise measurements and calculations.

Here's what you can do with MyTracks:
- Track your route: Whether you're hiking, running, or cycling, MyTracks can record your path and show it on a map.
- Save favorite locations: If there are specific places you want to remember, you can mark them as favorites in the app.
- Import and export data: MyTracks allows you to import and export data in various formats such as CSV, GPX, KML, and KMZ.
- Improve accuracy: You can take static GPS observations to get more accurate waypoints for your tracks.
- Easy navigation: The app provides a waypoint guide on the compass, making it easy for you to navigate to specific locations.
- Customizable waypoints: You can add waypoints manually or import them from your favorite locations. You can even add vectors with angle and distance.
- Coordinate conversion: MyTracks allows you to convert between four different coordinate formats (Decimal, DMS, MGRS, UTM) at any time.
- Additional features: The app displays glide ratio during recording, offers compass options in degrees or mils, supports MGRS Grid overlay on the map, and allows you to create routes to follow before starting your track.
- Detailed records: You can view your tracks on a map and replay the route. The app provides detailed statistics about your track and displays the saved waypoints associated with each track. You can also change the color of your tracks for easier identification.

Please note that using GPS continuously in the background can drain your device's battery quickly. Have fun! Any questions, please feel free to contact us
MyTracks: GPS Recorder