iWriter Pro
iWriter Pro
October 10, 2023
Version: 4.4.9
Serpensoft Group
iWriter ProiWriter ProiWriter ProiWriter ProiWriter ProiWriter ProiWriter Pro
iWriter Pro
# iWriter Pro is elegant and minimalist text editor with built-in Markdown support. Distraction-free and subscription-free.

## Key Features:
- Sync across all your Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices*.
- Text editing with live Markdown syntax highlighting.
- HTML Preview for Markdown and MultiMarkdown documents.
- Split mode with scroll synchronization for Editor and Preview.
- Typewriter mode with focusing on sentence, line, or paragraph.
- QuickLook plugin for previewing documents in Finder.
- Integrated counters for words, chars, sentences, and paragraphs.
- Fast and responsive editing even for large files.

## iWriter Pro Supports:
- Editor, Preview, and Split editing modes.
- Highlighting and rendering of LaTeX equations.
- Flowchart and Mermaid diagrams.
- Source code highlight in HTML preview.
- Exporting documents as HTML, PDF, RTF, EPUB, LaTeX, and DOCX.
- Automatic number/bullet/task list formatting.

* iWriter Pro for iPhone and iPad available as a separate purchase.

** Please note: iWriter Pro is designed to be as easy as possible so it works with plain text files only (like ‘.txt’ and ‘.md’).
iWriter Pro