January 07, 2022
Version: 1.8.0
Grzegorz Owsiany
Mix your music and the sounds of the outside world in a smart way. Stay focused. Hear with your headphones on. Reduce distractions.

Silenz solves problems encountered by virtually every headphones user. Thanks to it, you no longer need to remove them each time you need to hear what is happening around.
It monitors the sounds of your surroundings in a smart way; once it detects a significant sound (e.g. human speech or telephone ringing), it reacts by pausing or adjusting the volume of media players.
The app can also amplify the registered outside sounds and mix them with the currently playing music.
Apart from that, Silenz helps you avoid irritating activities like pausing music when you want to unplug headphones or lock your computer.

Key features:

• Pausing music and sound muting on headphones disconnect or screen lock
• Ambient Sound - pass-through of microphone sound
• Smart monitoring of surrounding sounds
• System-wide key gesture for pausing music and enabling Ambient Sound
• Custom system-wide shortcuts for mute toggle and mode selection
• Playback and volume control of the following media apps: Apple Music, Apple TV, iTunes, Spotify, VOX, Radium, Audirvana, Swinsian, Decibel, Radiant Player, Hermes, Downcast, Broadcasts, Anesidora, VLC


• Silenz is not Active Noise Cancelling technology
• Do not use Ambient Sound Smart mode when extra caution is required. Common sense is advised
• Bluetooth headphones are unable to deliver high-quality input and output audio at the same time due to the bandwidth limitations. Selecting another microphone as Sound Input device in Preferences is recommended
• Please be careful when increasing the microphone gain - as with all pass-through appliances, it is possible to create feedback
• Use only with headphones - on speakers, in case of feedback, a howling sound may occur which presents a risk of damage to your speakers and hearing