Remember: Stickies Widget
Remember: Stickies Widget
September 19, 2023
Version: 10.7
Virtual GS
Remember: Stickies WidgetRemember: Stickies WidgetRemember: Stickies WidgetRemember: Stickies WidgetRemember: Stickies Widget
Remember: Stickies Widget
Show stickies on iPhone/iPad home screen, Mac notification center and Apple Watch faces.
Customise stickies with colors, fonts and beautiful frames! Sync devices with iCloud!

【 iPhone / iPad / Mac 】
• select a page to write and design.
• select text and page color.
• change font and text alignment.
• select a beautiful frame!
• add widgets to home screen or lock screen!
• add widgets to notification center on Mac !
• send to Apple Watch and show as complications!

【 Apple Watch 】
• enter text directly or transfer from iPhone app.
• setup as complications on watch faces.
• select text/page color (used in color watch faces*).
• dictate on watch and sent the text back to iPhone!
• use emojis to design your own watch faces (used in color watch faces*).
* color watch faces: Infograph Modular, Modular Compact, Modular Duo and X-Large.

• open the app first before adding widgets to home screen. 
• use simple Markdown syntax to format text.
• pages can have different notes and customisation.
• add optional title to the page.
• Apple Watch version can be used without iPhone.
Remember: Stickies Widget