PolyNome: THE Metronome
PolyNome: THE Metronome
November 01, 2023
Version: 23.10.4
PolyNome Ltd
PolyNome: THE MetronomePolyNome: THE MetronomePolyNome: THE MetronomePolyNome: THE MetronomePolyNome: THE MetronomePolyNome: THE MetronomePolyNome: THE MetronomePolyNome: THE MetronomePolyNome: THE MetronomePolyNome: THE Metronome
PolyNome: THE Metronome
**Whatever you’re looking for, PolyNome probably does it!**

Designed by a musician, for musicians, PolyNome handles everything from reminding you to practice, to printing the setlist for your gig. Read on to learn more…

PolyNome is the ultimate tool for all musicians of any level. Used by the world's top drummers including Peter Erskine, Virgil Donati, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers along with concert pianists, orchestral performers and anyone else who’s interested in rhythm.

With PolyNome, you can practice, teach, compose rhythms, perform live and more.


▶ PolyNome contains an accurate and robust metronome covering all time signatures. It includes a mixer with subdivision faders, 100s of sound options, Big Numbers display, tap tempo, a rep counter, a timer, and more.
▶ In parallel with the metronome there are 2 rhythm sequencers into which you can program virtually any rhythm.
▶ Use basic PolyNome functions hands-free with Siri.


▶ Dive into the free Public Library to find hundreds of user-curated Presets: You’ll find snare solos, rudiments, drum grooves, world rhythms, drum books and more. Just tap to install and start playing.


▶ Create 2 & 3-way polyrhythms and use any of the multiple visualizations to help you learn to play them.
▶ Use the random mute feature, or create custom gap clicks to improve your timing.
▶ Use Auto Counting to add voice counting to rhythms and help you learn them.


▶ You can create virtually any rhythm in any time signature (including irrational ones like 4/5) and assign sounds in just a few taps. Perfect as a quick ideas note book.
▶ Assign drum, drumline & percussion sounds
▶ Add accents, flams, drags, rolls, and ties to create percussion pieces.
▶ Randomize and shift rhythms to create new ones.
▶ Use the variable swing feature to work on your feel.


▶ Remote control PolyNome with Bluetooth or Midi controllers like AirTurn and iRig.


▶ Easily share your creations with other PolyNome users via AirDrop, the Public Library, or QR code.
▶ Export your creations as audio files.
▶ Use as a virtual instrument in Garage Band or other Inter-App-Audio enabled software.


The following features are unlocked with the Premium subscription.


▶ Create melodies using the 6-octave keyboard which includes overlays of all melodic scales.
▶ Add voice counting, or konnakol to your rhythms.


▶ Easily create tempo automations for warm-ups and cool-downs.
▶ Create custom Playlists to combine different Presets, time signatures, tempos, repeats, and alternate endings.
▶ Use voice cues to prompt you to move to the next exercise.


▶ Set dedicated practice goals, monitor your progress in real-time, and schedule your sessions.
▶ Attach PDFs, videos, or photos to your presets so you have all the materials you need in one place.
▶ Be reminded when it’s time to practice. See your Goals for the day and tap to jump in.
▶ Make notes against presets while you’re practicing to be reviewed later.
▶ Use the Daily Journal to record general details about your practice, or to record what you want to do in the future.
▶ View all your stats and charts in the dedicated Practice Log. Everything you play - preset names, tempos, durations, date, written notes, is logged automatically so you don’t miss a thing.
▶ Print PDF reports of your practice log, notes, journal entries.


▶ Create tempo accurate clicks and printable setlists directly from Spotify or Apple music.
▶ See the duration of your setlist as you add songs to it.
▶ Set up clicks, voice cues, tempo and time signature changes with ease.
▶ Use Tap To Start to set a click track going in time with the music.
▶ Utilise Haptic feedback for those situations where you don’t want the click to be heard.

▶ Universal app works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac
▶ Portrait, landscape, or split-screen
PolyNome: THE Metronome