YaoYao - Jump Rope
YaoYao - Jump Rope
Health & Fitness
August 12, 2023
Version: 3.7.3
JiaHao wang
YaoYao - Jump RopeYaoYao - Jump RopeYaoYao - Jump RopeYaoYao - Jump RopeYaoYao - Jump RopeYaoYao - Jump RopeYaoYao - Jump RopeYaoYao - Jump RopeYaoYao - Jump Rope
YaoYao - Jump Rope
YaoYao is a standalone Apple Watch app to track your jump rope workouts.

YaoYao is featured by the App Store and Apple Newsroom.

Jump rope is a simple, effective, and an economical aerobic workout. You can choose to jump rope anytime, anywhere.

Currently, Apple Watch allows you to track multiple workouts including running or cycling, and swimming, but not jump rope.

Often, counting your jumps during your jump rope workout is essential and is an important aspect. YaoYao utilizes Apple Watch’s motion sensors to calculate your jumps. YaoYao literally costs you no more than an ordinary jump rope.

- 2022/02/20 New AirPods Mode:Count with AirPods motion sensor, no Apple Watch required(Support AirPods 3/Pro/Max/Beats Fit Pro)

Features :

- Jumps counting (includes support for double unders)
For every 100 jumps, the app encourages you with voice feedback of your current progress - so that you can focus on your posture and avoid glancing at the Watch to check your jump counts.

- Live Count
Live counts of your jumps are displayed along with the voice feedback.

- Exercise time record

- Jump speed (Speed) record/Scrolling Speed (Speed of jumps over the past minute)

- Record the number of consecutive jumps
Along with the jump speed, the app also counts the number of jumps in one go.

- Heart rate record
Max heart rate warning tip.

- Calorie burn value

- HIIT mode
Time or Jumps Interval

- iPhone real time display (Live Count):
Open the iPhone app during exercise and display the jump data on the iPhone

- Syncs with iOS Health app.

YaoYao syncs and stores health data to the iOS Health app from Apple. YaoYao integrates with the Apple Health app to sync your workouts and record heart-rate data.

Enjoy jumping rope!


If the app does not work after installing, please reboot your Apple Watch.
- Apple Watch 1/2 generation is not supported

User Reviews:
fencemember: Great accurate! I love this app so glad I found it
nauf4l: was planning to buy a 100$ jump rope which counts skips as i always do 5k skips a day. So after a month was considering this when i came across this app after installing 5 apps of the same.Glad i paid about 2$ for this as it is totally worth it.
FrankWurst: Accurate jump counter based solely on Apple Watch. App integrates into My Health and Activity App seamlessly. Great product.
tafty:I enjoy the skipping experience with this app. And it syncs well with Apple Watch

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YaoYao - Jump Rope