TCP  UDP Debugger
TCP UDP Debugger
Developer Tools
February 18, 2023
Version: 2.8.4
Xun Zhang
TCP  UDP DebuggerTCP  UDP DebuggerTCP  UDP DebuggerTCP  UDP Debugger
TCP UDP Debugger
The network debugging tool is a TCP&UDP communication debugging tool with rich functions, clear interface, and easy to use. It can assist network maintenance personnel and program developers to debug the network. The main features include:
1. Integrated TCP client and server; UDP client and server
2. Support Ping
3. Support Ping Monitor(Timed automatic Ping server)
4. Support UDP Broadcast
5. Support Multicast
6. Support Port Scan
7. Support TraceRoute
8. Support Lan Scan
9. Support Whois
10. Support Command Panel
11. Multi-client link management at the same time
12. Automatically send messages at regular intervals
13. Support hexadecimal, UTF-8, Unicode, GBK character encoding switching
14. Automatically cache the last message sent
TCP  UDP Debugger