VisualRuler 2.0
VisualRuler 2.0
May 04, 2023
Version: 2.2.1
altaibayar tseveenbayar
VisualRuler 2.0VisualRuler 2.0VisualRuler 2.0VisualRuler 2.0
VisualRuler 2.0
VisualRuler helps with measuring sizes of objects based on a reference card sized object (travel card, credit card, library card etc.) using computer vision techniques.

1) Take a picture of a reference card with an object to be measured.
2) Let the VisualRuler detect the reference card.
3) Adjust by moving corners of the reference rectangle to fit the reference card.
4) Add lines or rectangles fitting the measured object.
5) Save the picture of your measurements.

VisualRuler does not track any user activities or do not store pictures you took. What happens on your phone stays in your phone.
VisualRuler 2.0