Exif Viewer - Photo Metadata
Exif Viewer - Photo Metadata
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October 05, 2022
Version: 2.2
Exif Viewer - Photo MetadataExif Viewer - Photo MetadataExif Viewer - Photo MetadataExif Viewer - Photo MetadataExif Viewer - Photo MetadataExif Viewer - Photo MetadataExif Viewer - Photo MetadataExif Viewer - Photo MetadataExif Viewer - Photo Metadata
Exif Viewer - Photo Metadata
This is a powerful metadata tool for your photos and videos. You can easily view, edit, and remove exif metadata, including date, time, gps location, camera model, aperture, author and so on.It's very useful for professional photographers to manage the Exif data of their photo&videos.

Features in APP:

View Exif metadata
- View location data
- View more than 60+ metadata tags like ISO, shutter speed, focal length,camera model, lens model, time stamp, aperture, shutter count,file name and a lot more.

Edit Exif metadata
- Edit GPS location data.You can search the map to add location or long press to put a pin on the map.
- Support standard and satellite map
- Edit all the exif metadata,such as data, time, author, title, description,comment,keywords, copyright, camera maker, camera model, camera lens maker, camera lens model, aperture, exposure time, software

Remove Exif metadata
- Remove all exif metadate
- Remove GPS location

Bulk edit photo Exif metadata
- Edit or remove Exif metadata of multiple photos at once
- Edit or remove GPS location data of multiple photos at once

Works with
- All of your iOS devices(iPhone, iPad,iPod Touch)
- All photos&videos in your phone camera roll, iCloud photo library and photo stream
- Support Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Canon and other camera photo formats
- Support image formats(JPG,PNG,TIFF,HEIC) and RAW formats(CR2,NEF,DNG)

- Ability to copy photo Exif data to clipboard
- Support Grid view and List view
- Support for deleting the photos&videos directly in the app
- Support for reverting to original image after wrong edit
- Support direct browsing and sharing from the system album
- Ability to share photos&videos with or without Exif metadata
- Support dark mode
- Support template saving and importing
- Support filtering photos based on whether there is location information
- Support showing and sharing photo assets

What Exif metadata you can view in our app:
File Size, Object Name, Image Size, ISO, Focal Length, Color Model, Depth, Orientation, DPI Height, DPI Width, Pixel Height, Pixel Width, Profile Name, Brightness Value, CFAPattern, Color Space, Components Configuration, Compressed Bits Per Pixel, Contrast, Custom Rendered, Date Time Digitized, Date Time Original, Exif Version, Exposure Time, Exposure Bias Value, Exposure Mode, Exposure Program, Flash Exposure Comp, Recommended Exposure Index, File Source, Flash, Flash Pix Version, FocalLen In 35mm Film, Focal Length, Gamma, ISO Speed Ratings, Lens Specification, Light Source, Aperture, Aperture Value, F Number, Max Aperture Value, Metering Mode, Pixel X Dimension, Pixel Y Dimension, Saturation, Scene Capture Type, Scene Type, Sensing Method, Shutter Speed Value, Subject Area, Subsec Time Digitized, White Balance, Sensitivity Type, Sharpness, White Balance, Flash Compensation, Image Stabilization, Lens ID, Lens Info, Lens Model, Make, Model, Compression, Date Time, Orientation, Photometric Interpretation, Software, Resolution Unit, Tile Length, Tile Width, X Resolution, Y Resolution and so on.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our app, please e-mail lilliancream@163.com.We are looking forward to your feedbacks.

FAQ about Exif Viewer: https://power-exif-viewer.blogspot.com/2021/03/how-to-use-exif-viewer.html
Exif Viewer - Photo Metadata