RecordVoiceRecord -Sound Diary
RecordVoiceRecord -Sound Diary
December 18, 2020
Version: 13.3.2
Han Chang Lin
RecordVoiceRecord -Sound DiaryRecordVoiceRecord -Sound DiaryRecordVoiceRecord -Sound Diary
RecordVoiceRecord -Sound Diary
Record voice and text in daily life! Use this application becomes very easy!

Save important daily recording and text recording.
• Password security program.
• Simultaneous display of calendar, text and voice record.
• Shows the day countdown.

(1) Select the date (default: Today).
(2) Press the button in the lower right corner to assign the record number.
(3) Click the text window and type the text content.
(4) Click [Save] button: Save the text content.
(5) Click [RECORD] button to record the voice and click [PLAY] button to play voice record.
(6) Click [List] button: return to the history list.
(7) Double-click the history list date: Browsing the record on a specified date.

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RecordVoiceRecord -Sound Diary