Amadine - Vector Drawing Art
Amadine - Vector Drawing Art
Graphics & Design
November 02, 2022
Version: 1.4.3
Belight Software, ltd
Amadine - Vector Drawing ArtAmadine - Vector Drawing ArtAmadine - Vector Drawing ArtAmadine - Vector Drawing ArtAmadine - Vector Drawing Art
Amadine - Vector Drawing Art
Amadine is an intuitive vector drawing and illustration app. With a clean and simple UI, it's perfect for beginners, but capable enough for professionals. Use it to create illustrations, logos, icons, UI designs, art and more. A mobile version, that supports Apple Pencil and works on iPad and iPhone, is also available.

• Customize UI with attached or detached panels mode.
• Store multiple artworks in one document.
• Create multiple layers and sublayers.
• Different layer blending modes.
• View options: pixel/retina preview, outline, guides, grid and rulers.
• Export the entire document, a sheet or a selection JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PNG, PDF and SVG.
• Touch Bar and QuickLook supported.

Advanced Drawing
• Use more than 30 vector design tools for selecting, drawing, editing, slicing and typing.
• Add multiple strokes and fills, create unique stroke profiles using the Width tool.
• Perform union, subtract, intersect and exclude operations on selected objects.
• Write text along a path or inside a shape.
• Create vector art using pressure sensitive tablets.
• Draw illustrations with responsive and natural brushes.

Path Editing
• Create paths using the Path and Draw tools.
• Add, remove and arrange the anchor points.
• Convert points to corner points and smooth points.
• Edit paths and shapes that they form using the Knife, Scissors and Eraser tools.
Amadine - Vector Drawing Art