Transfer: File Server
Transfer: File Server
September 16, 2022
Version: 2.1
Intuitibits LLC
Transfer: File ServerTransfer: File Server
Transfer: File Server
Transfer is a standalone, multi-protocol (TFTP, HTTP, FTP, SFTP) file transfer server with a modern and straightforward user interface.

Transfer is designed for network administrators and IT professionals to help manage network equipment and other devices that use TFTP, HTTP, FTP, or SFTP to perform firmware updates, pull or push configuration files, retrieve logs, and more.

Transfer is the perfect alternative to Mac's built-in or third-party TFTP, HTTP, FTP, and SFTP servers because it's convenient, doesn't require any additional setup, and allows you to see real-time information of each file transfer. It also limits file sharing to a specific folder in your Mac, preventing access to other user and system files.


• Basic root directory access control and file management
• Real-time updates of current transfers in progress
• Built-in password-based user authentication (HTTP, FTP, and SFTP)
• Support for broadcast requests (TFTP)
• Support for anonymous connections (FTP)
• Transfer history
• Access and error logs

Transfer is all you need to share files with other devices on your network. Just launch the app, and you're ready to go. Quit the app, and the servers go away to avoid unwanted access to your files by others in your network.

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Transfer: File Server