ForgetNot -Reusable checklists
ForgetNot -Reusable checklists
September 10, 2022
Version: 1.4
Thilina Solomons
ForgetNot -Reusable checklistsForgetNot -Reusable checklistsForgetNot -Reusable checklistsForgetNot -Reusable checklistsForgetNot -Reusable checklistsForgetNot -Reusable checklistsForgetNot -Reusable checklistsForgetNot -Reusable checklists
ForgetNot -Reusable checklists
…As cool as a pilot going through a checklist before taking off;
Go through a check list before you travel, Go to gym or preparing your BnB for a guest.

Never forget the details; Check the list, get it right every-time!

How many times you've been to the gym and forgot your headphones, water bottle or the gym towel ?

Have you ever left your home and come back to make sure you turned off the stove or the iron?

With ForgetNot® Now you don't have forget anything.

You go through a simple checklist before leaving the house.

No need to keep everything in your memory, save your brain power!

Have you ever packed for your travel and you have a hunch that you forgot to pack something but not sure what it is?

Make a simple checklist of your essentials and re-use it every time you prepare for your travels.

If you don't want to to hold your phone while packing, Go voice control.... ForgetNot® will read out the items in your checklist and you can say "Check" or "Skip"... simple as that,
…As cool as a pilot going through a checklist before taking off.

Use cases, You can make a checklist for:
+ Everyday essentials for school
+ House chores
+ Daily grooming
+ Healthy diet check - make sure your meal checks off to be healthy.
+ Things to check up on your business everyday.


+ Create many checklists for various activities
+ Re-Use checklists
+ Voice Controlled checking - Go through the checklist only using voice commands
+ Reorder items and edit the checklists easily
+ iCloud support - Sync checklists with all your iOS( iPad and iPhone) and MacOS devices automatically
+ Supports Dark mode
+ Easily create Checklists: Copy Paste lists from text
+ Duplicate checklists easily: make similar checklists for each of your children, pets etc.
+ Edit, Rename checklists and its items easily by swiping left.
+ Share as pdf: After checking a checklist, save to files or send it as pdf.

Extra Bonus Features:
+ No Ads - We hate ‘em
+ Easy support - Contact developer directly from the app
+ Absolutely No Data Collected: Refer our Privacy policy for more details.

RoadMap: Coming soon in future versions:
~ Download ready-made checklists
~ Share your checklists as templates
~ 'Send as Email' once all checked
ForgetNot -Reusable checklists