Entity Pro
Entity Pro
Graphics & Design
December 17, 2020
Version: 1.3.1
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Entity Pro
Entity Pro is the ultimate Unicode and Emoji Finder for macOS. Search smart, copy fast and learn digital typography.

• Smart & fast search engine
• Finds Unicodes, Hex, Decimal, HTML and Swift entities
• Helpful typography advice: Learn how to use your glyphs right
• Curated: Choose from over one hundred glyph collections
• Detail View: Inspect glyph metrics like ascender, descender and x-heights
• Collect your favourite characters
• Spotlight extension: Find your favourites super fast through macOS Spotlight
• Touchbar support for MacBook Pros
• Quick access to your frequently used characters
• Brilliant in dark and light
• Works 100 % offline

Explore new glyphs by browsing through Entity Pros beautiful Card or List View—or use its powerful search to find Unicodes, Hex, Decimals, named HTML and Swift entities. On-point advice teaches you on how to use your glyphs in a typographically appropriate way.

Tailored for designer, developer, authors and digital creators. 

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If you have any ideas on how I can improve “Entity Pro” even further I would love to hear from you: martin@ixeau.com
Entity Pro