Braveland Wizard
Braveland Wizard
December 17, 2020
Version: 1.1.5
Tortuga Team
Braveland WizardBraveland WizardBraveland WizardBraveland WizardBraveland Wizard
Braveland Wizard
The old school turn-based strategy game is back - welcome to Braveland Wizard! The graduate of the Academy of Magic is ready for new adventures. Her journey begins high in the mountains and passes through the southern lands, populated by orcs, ghosts, and mysterious nomads.

- New hero - Wizard
- An entire set of unique battles with unexpected surprises
- Dungeons for random battles and worthy rewards
- Piles of stylish artifacts
- Three schools of pure battle magic
- A talent tree that changes the nature of battle
- A brave team of combat allies: monk, ice archer, elementalist, and many more
- A hand-drawn game world with a huge waterfall
- And, last but not least, three cunning bosses
Braveland Wizard