Visual Piano
Visual Piano
January 27, 2022
Version: 1.2
Ronny Weidemann
Visual PianoVisual PianoVisual PianoVisual PianoVisual Piano
Visual Piano
- Realistic piano sound including dynamic reverb and audio effects
- Realistic concert grand piano including mechanics in 3D
- Pedals can be activated (sustain, sostenuto, soft pedal)
- Illustration of the piano mechanics with dampers and hammers
- Display and playback of sheet music (MusicXML)
- Importing Midi files and sheet music*
- Using a Midi keyboard*
- Learning and help functions for piano playing (left/right hand)
- Learning mode for sheet music (played notes are checked for correctness)
- Includes many classical piano pieces
- Visualization of sheet music in 3D

* Features included in the Professional Edition (can be unlocked via one-time In-App purchase)
Visual Piano