ThreeBrowsersThird - BrowserX3
ThreeBrowsersThird - BrowserX3
August 12, 2022
Version: 21.2.0
Han Chang Lin
ThreeBrowsersThird - BrowserX3ThreeBrowsersThird - BrowserX3ThreeBrowsersThird - BrowserX3ThreeBrowsersThird - BrowserX3
ThreeBrowsersThird - BrowserX3
Do you want to use the browser to browse all kinds of information at the same time? Including: network, video, stock, virtual currency, news, translation ... and so on.

Now this app is sure to meet your needs!

Three browsers in one display!
Browsing web becomes easier and more efficient!

• Simultaneously display Three Web browsers.
• Previous / Next page button.
• Share Screen button.
• Three Window Extend Mode.
• Previous / Next URL button.
• URL Save button.
• Touch and control three browsers at the same time.
• Lightweight UI design to reduce memory usage can increase performance.

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ThreeBrowsersThird - BrowserX3