CDRViewer Pro
CDRViewer Pro
Graphics & Design
December 17, 2020
Version: 2.3
Abdusodiq Saidov
CDRViewer ProCDRViewer ProCDRViewer ProCDRViewer ProCDRViewer Pro
CDRViewer Pro
--- Give New Life to your old Files ---

Pro Version of CDRViewer 2 is now available.

. Convert CorelDraw files into PDF and EPS documents;
. Converts CDR files to quality PDF files;
. Converts CDR files to quality EPS vector files;
. Doesn't need of CorelDraw, CDRViewer creates high quality vector PDF and EPS image files from CorelDraw files;

CDRViewer Pro is a Pro version of CDRViewer 2 which allows you open and save CorelDRAW files on macOS.

Until now I couldn't open CorelDRAW files on my iMac. As every designer knows CorelDRAW is discontinued after version 11. Now We have developed a simple application that opens CorelDRAW files on macOS and exports to Vector PDF format file. Opening CorelDRAW format files on macOS is possible now. When you install CDRViewer Pro on your macOS, you will be able to open CDR files.

CDR file format stands for CorelDRAW and this extension is proprietary format used by CorelDRAW software. CDR format is not recognized by other image editing programs and to save to other image formats it needs to be opened in CorelDRAW and then exported in other format. This can be done only on Windows. With CDRViewer Pro there is no need to another operating system and another machine or another software to display and save CDR file formats.

1. CDRViewer Pro runs on your macOS.

2. CDRViewer Pro can export your CDR (CorelDRAW) files to Vector PDF and Vector EPS file formats.

3. Fast file loading and zooming function.

4. All previously opened CDR files are archived for faster access for later use.

5. Now supports Cyrillic and other characters.

6. Standalone software, CorelDraw, Adobe Acrobat and Reader NOT required!

Simple and useful productive tool for designers. If you have any ideas or features, feel free to drop a message regarding your opinions by using our contact us page.

Please note: Please try our Free Version CDRViewer 2 Application before purchasing this application to be sure.
CDRViewer Pro