Smart Resize 2x
Smart Resize 2x
Photo & Video
February 17, 2022
Version: 1.88
Enrique Garcia
Smart Resize 2xSmart Resize 2xSmart Resize 2xSmart Resize 2xSmart Resize 2xSmart Resize 2xSmart Resize 2x
Smart Resize 2x
This app has following features:

1. Perfect Double Resize (Waifu 2x):
This app will increase the resolution of your images two folds.
No pixelation, blurriness. No noise, glitches or artifacts!
The app uses an advanced AI algorithm for achieving the best possible quality when resizing images.

2. Smart Ratio and Scale Resizing (Content-aware scale)
This app will also fix your image size ratio using a deformable background algorithm. Just select the details that you want to keep and the ratio, and your image will be resized without any loss of important information.
Perfect for your Instagram stories!

3. Erase (Inpaint, Content-aware fill):
It removes unwanted objects from your photos e.g. logos. Just mask and remove anything that bothers you.

4. Export Depth Data
Export image's depth data if the image contains any. (e.g. photos taken with Portrait Mode)
Smart Resize 2x